WordPress Maintenance


WordPress is a great platform to build your website with. However, it can consume a lot of time and energy learning how to maintain it properly.

Maintaining speed performance, making sure all software is up to date, reducing the risk of being hacked, and wondering what to do if you are hacked is something you don’t have time for when running your business.

Black Mountain Media has over 10 years experience working with WordPress and will work with you ensuring your website is operating at top capacity. Great for the DIY business who has an existing WordPress website. You work on your content, let us worry about the grunt work!

You work on your business, let us worry about your WordPress maintenance. 

Software Updates

Keeping your websites software up to date is vital for maintaining you sites security, speed and performance. This done for you service updates your website and tests for issues afterwards.


Added Security Measures

Addes security measures to your WordPress site keep is safe from malicious attacks. We monitor daily security alerts of suspicious activity and take swift action to protect your website!

Backups & Recovery

We have built-in systems to recover and restore your website. Crashes, hackers, user errors, can create issues with your website. A simple support request and your website will be restored!

Fast Website

Your website will run faster and more effectively with regular maintenance.  Websites that run faster enjoy better SEO results and increased sales conversions!

Just a few of our clients enjoying our Wordpress Services

Knight's Chocolates

Knight's Chocolates

Currently, Knight’s Chocolates is enjoying WordPress Pro package and is relaxing, knowing their website is safe and secure while online sales come it.


Okanagan Relationship & Welness Centre

Okanagan Relationship & Welness Centre

Okanagan Relationship & Wellness Center is enjoying the WordPress Starter package. Worry free updates, security, and backups.


Parkinson Senior Society

Parkinson Senior Society

Currently, Parkinson Senior Society is relaxing while we take care of their website maintenance, security, and backups with our WordPress Starter package


Pawsitive Veterinary Care

Pawsitive Veterinary Care

Pawsitive Veterinary Care benefits from the WordPress Starter package and never has to worry about their website maintenance.


“Great process, great product, great security…Peace of mind!”

Henry Sawatzky
Okanagan Relationship & Wellness Centre

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