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Hopefully you want us to help you with your website design, however we understand that you have lots of options and need to find the right fit for you. So while your deciding if were the right company for you or not, here is a list of things you need to ask when getting quotes from web designers.

1. What’s the website design going to cost you?
Duh, of course your going to ask that right? What you need to ask is what all included in their fees. Its easy to assume that your website design includes everything you need right? That’s where you might be wrong. Some companies charge you high prices for a website that includes everything. Then if there is something you don’t need, they don’t consider that in the final cost. Other companies charge you a lower price for just a website design, and add on costs to extra services like content writing, search engine optimization, hosting, domains and much more. We prefer this method so that you can pay for what you want, and not what you don’t need, saving you money!

2. What website deisgn work have they done in the past?
Always look at a companies previous work so you can see if what they have done is similar to want. Also see what kind of other services they have provided those companies. Some website designers are just that, designers! Their skills don’t include some of the important traits like knowledge of search engine optimization, online marketing, business marketing, social media, lead generation, email marketing and much more that are important to a successful website that is easy to find, brings in customer leads, and increases your sales.

3. Testimonials, do they have any listed?
In a world full of bad service providers (In all industries, not just this one) it’s important to know that their customer was happy with the end result. If you can’t easily find a testimonial page or they don’t have one you should question that with them. If they do have testimonials you need to investigate that they are good testimonials(people fake them more than you would think). Here are a few things you should look out for when looking at a testimonial.

  • Is there a company name beside the person giving a testimonial? (we want to see some sort of connection that the person is real)
  • Is the photo of the person a nice polished looking “stock” image or does it look a little more unfinished? (stock image “could” mean its a fake testimonial, if you suspect its fake, simply drag that image into the Google image search field and if you see other website with that have that exact same picture with a different name, or used as a part of the website images, its probably a fake testimonial)
  • Is there a first and last name? (Last initial could mean fake person)
  • What comes up when you search that name in Google? (helps verify a real person if there is some results, especially if they are a business owner, their name will come up)

4.What other services does the company provide?
This is very important to know how the company is going to best serve you. Your website is a marketing tool, and if the company doesn’t offer other services to help you with your marketing, like search engine optimization, email marketing, analytics and call tracking, how are you going to know how effective your website is and what your return on investment is?

We hope this lists helps you out in deciding who to use for your next website project. We strongly suggest you use a company that offers a full arrange of marketing services beyond website design to help save you time and money when it comes to marketing your whole business.

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