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Have you heard of the Sandwich Menu website design? It is an alternative to the more familiar and traditional menu along the top header navigation bar. It is referred to as a sandwich menu because of the three horizontal bars. We have already adapted to this style as seen on mobile devices, navigating our way through a website. The menu is activated by clicking the three bars opening to a dropdown display the main pages. Where an arrow appears across from the page is an indication of a new sub menu. Hover over with your mouse and the arrow opens up to a new pages selections. Social Driven Sales is a Kelowna Website Design company experts in web design for sandwich menu and the traditional horizontal bar. Let us know your preference.

An Alternative Website Design Menu View

The sandwich menu website design has a different look and appeal. I find this website design has a nice flow how it dropdowns displaying the pages and continues to open a new sub menu horizontally for viewing. I also like how it is over to the side leveraging the opportunity for more visual real estate. It looks good on tablets and mobile devices because of the limited screen. Depending on what you are comfortable with and thinking what to display on your website, this is a great alternative.

Sandwich Menu works well for

A sandwich menu does works well with every every type of business. If your business or style is artisan, fashion designer, photography, wellness, or stylist the sandwich method is a good choice. By eliminating the navigation bar you have extra canvas for visual appeal across all your devices. This website design is known as progressive disclosure. A design with a lot less information, limited or no text, and visually dominating.

Progressive disclosure is woven into the nature of the internet and many applications. Users see something and decide they want more information about it, or to see things related to it. So they “zoom in.” SeanRice.net 

Not for everyone

The biggest negative and obstacle, it is not recognized or as familiar on a desktop computer. The Sandwich Menu may confuse people. A suggestion to attract and draw users eye towards the three bars is by inserting the word Menu close to it. As website visitors are not always quite sure what they are looking for and have become accustom to the site navigation. Particularly, the traditional method actually nudges visitors in the direction where to find information or to locate options on the website. We know where to find what we want and where to locate sub-pages in drop-down menus.

A good website designer has the technicial and experience savvy what will fit for a Sandwich Menu Click To Tweet

A good website designer has the technicial and experience savvy what will fit for a Sandwich Menu. If you are looking for non-traditional, horizontal style, funky look, the sandwich menu might be a great option. It is a mouse friendly, mobile friendly, responsive design. Watch the video to see if this is something you like done for your website. The type of business or style might be the right fit and a great option to have your menu appear on the left hand side of your website. What are your thoughts on the sandwich menu? Would it work for your website? Contact us to start the conversation.

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