In the world of online marketing, its all about giving information and resources to try and gain peoples trust that you are the man for the job. While you want to be efficient in you marketing and try to automate things as much as possible, you need to start slow and plan ahead.


Before just putting content out there or giving away resources, find out what your customers want or need to content and resources. As a professional you know a lot about your industry and its easy assume what your potential customers what from you. Take some time and ask current customers or do some surveys to collect that information so you can make the best decision on what you provide.

Segment your marketing

Gone are the days of giving the same information to the same people trying to draw customers in. What encourages one person to buy may not work for another. Using your blog and email marketing you can segment those potential customers and give them what they need specifically to convince them to buy from you. As an example, if you are a realtor your content and marketing will look different for someone looking for a house for their new family as it will for the person looking for investment properties. There is no need to send tons of boring stats about the industry, sales and market value to a family looking for a new home. They might be more interested in location, size and amenities.

Call to action

We have all heard of it, but few people use it as often as they should. By now you have established what your potential customer wants, and you have given them the information and resources that motivate them to buy, but you forgot to ask for the sale! Make sure in all your information and resources you give out, you include your call to action to act now. This may not always be buy now, but act now to go to the next step of drawing them in closer.