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Hold on there, you just wanted a quote! What’s with all the questions?

We work with some of the best businesses. By best I mean the ones who see the best transformation they could have asked for. The ones who see the best results from their website and marketing.
If you are an average company looking for average results. I invite you to leave now. Filling out this form would be a waste of your time.
However, if you are an awesome person who runs an awesome business who desires to help your customer as best you can. You need to fill out this form.

Don’t do it for us, do it for you!

Sure, this is going to help us with a quote, and figure out how we can best help you with your marketing, but more importantly, it’s going to help you identify who you or your business really is. Even if you choose not to hire us ­čÖü you will have some great information to give to the next marketing company. You heard me right…

I care more about serving you than making a few bucks off of you.

If you fill this out and we continue the conversation and either you or I feel we are not a good fit to work with each other, I would rather leave you with great information and value so that no matter who you hire, you will have a better chance of success in your marketing.

So you can fill out this form if you want to. But only if you are awesome and are looking to be more awesome!

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  • What do you do, what do you sell?
  • What are the core values your business operates from?
  • If you overheard people talking about your business, what are some of the key things you would love them to say about you?
  • If you heard about your staff or customers doing "this" or "these", you would fire them or ask them to stop being a customer.
  • Who is your customer?

  • Where abouts do they live?
  • Where abouts do they live?
  • Competition & Positioning

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  • If possible, include the URLS of their web site.
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